Luca Lifestyle, your partner in top-quality planters

Every garden has its own unique ambience. Austere or full of character, robust or subtle, dark or light. Luca Lifestyle has products that match every look and enhance the
atmosphere of your garden.

Luca Lifestyle products are a class of their own class. Whether it is a lovely bowl on your garden table, fencing to create more privacy, a sleek flowerpot, sturdy planters or an
attractive fountain, Luca Lifestyle has an extensive Programme consisting of various
shapes, sizes and colours to give your garden the desired ambience. In our product range, you’ll surely find an appropriate bowl, flowerpot or planter that will provide the finishing touch for your garden.

Choose from our extensive collection according to the size, style and colour that best
fits your garden. Are you looking for a unique model? Argento Varia is the solution.

Tell us the required shape, dimensions and colour and in no time enjoy a unique and personal eye catcher in your garden.

Interested to see the entire assortment? This brochure gives more information about the various collections of Luca Lifestyle. If you have questions or need more information about specific Luca Lifestyle possibilities for your garden, please contact us. We will be pleased to advise you!